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Out of the Frying Pan?......Hell No! Just Love what you do!

Today is my last day, hopefully forever, as an employee. I have mixed feelings as I leave my present company after 27 years but fortunately most of theses feelings are positive. I will certainly miss the friends, colleagues and customers I have known over the years but at the end of the day there is for my part no reason why those relationships cannot continue long in to the future as we share many common goals and values.

So, with over 30 years spent in the Pharmaceutical industry soaking up all of the opportunities to challenge and develop myself in various different the time has come to branch out and put myself through the ultimate test- going it alone. Well, when I say alone, that is not strictly true as I have the encouragement and support of friends, family and colleagues old and new but most importantly this gives me the opportunity to finally work alongside my greatest hero,inspiration and soul mate of more than 25 years, my husband David.

David has been responsible for his own professional destiny for more than 45 years and is proud of the fact that he has ‘never had a boss’ and whilst I have secretly muttered ‘ many bosses have been lucky not to have managed David’ under my breath every time I have heard him say this I have envied the fact that he has been one of those lucky individuals who has turned his greatest passions- angling and photography-into an extremely successful business namely AlyKat Charters and Images Ltd. Whilst I share his deep love for the sea and the wildlife that is the over arching subject of both of his passions, for me the greatest pleasure I have felt over my many years of ‘having a boss’ have based in Sales and Marketing and, more recently, the the very special privilege many managers experience of coaching and nurturing less experienced colleagues. For me, being SUCCESSFUL at Sales, Marketing and Managing are all part of the same need- the need to help others to achieve their goals and maximise potential.

Am I nervous? Well naturally I am but that is far outweighed by the excitement I feel about the wonderful blank canvas stretching before me.

In the words of one of my favourite bands- the Script- you have one life so love what you do!


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