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E.A.R Consultancy Ltd has been created by Liz Roberts MSc using the  initials  from her full name -Elizabeth Anne Roberts. 

Liz ended a highly successful career within the Pharmaceutical Industry in 2018 in order to pursue this exciting new project which will allow her to use and develop  the wide range of skills she has acquired through her 30 plus year career. 

Through E.A.R Consultancy Liz is determined to fulfil a life-long ambition of delivering products and services aimed at improving the lives of patients suffering from a range of debilitating conditions including childhood  trauma, addiction and mental health.

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"My passion has been rooted in the Substance Misuse and Mental Health  arenas and helping those whose lives have been devastated but these conditions. I  successfully completed a Masters in 'Drugs and Alcohol: Policies and Interventions' as a mature student which significantly helped me to achieve many of my goals and I was thus able to channel my passion through a highly successful career in the Pharmaceutical Industry spanning over 30 years. 

Throughout my career I have been actively involved in developing a range of educational materials for both patients and professionals including the creation of a novel on-line training programme  for Substance Misuse healthcare professionals.  I have also  been responsible for producing and delivering training programmes and toolkits for colleagues and healthcare professionals  as well as setting up and running Specialist Substance Misuse Forums in both community and custodial settings.

The last 10 years of my  career were largely spent in 1st line management culminating in heading up the fastest growing Business Unit within the Company. This success was due to a 'hands-on' approach which enabled me to introduce innovative ideas coupled with my ability to engage with customers and partner organisations at all levels.

I am  committed to using E.A.R Consultancy as a platform for developing  a range of  exciting new ideas as well as collaborating with a growing number of old and new colleagues and friends in order to improve the lives of patients and those caring for them".

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